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MTU By-Laws

I.                   Membership
II.                Meetings
III.             Officers
IV.            Dues
V.               Contract-Procedures and Interpretation
VI.            Conventions
VII.         Fox Valley Area Labor Council
VIII.      Remembrances
IX.            Other
I.                  MEMBERSHIP
1.      Any member who joins the Union must fill out a membership application card. Any member who leaves the Union must send a letter to the president.
2.      Union membership lists are kept confidential.
3.      Computer lists of the membership will be checked annually for accuracy.
II.               MEETINGS
1.      The third Wednesday of every month, except for June, July, and August, is set for Union meetings, which may be held free of charge in any of the school buildings.
2.      Union meetings are listed on the Union calendar and are located on the MTU website and on building bulletin boards.
3.      The administration has agreed not to schedule its meetings on Wednesdays so there is no conflict with the regular Union meetings.
III.           OFFICERS
1.      Annual stipends for officers are as follows: President - $3,000; Treasurer,
Past-President, President Elect, and Secretary - $2,000; Communications Chair, Insurance Chair, and Grievance co-chairs - $1,200/ chair. Although there are two designated per level (6 total), our members may work with any or all of the grievance team members to resolve any possible grievance.
2.      The president has $1200 per year available as a discretionary budget.
3.      The president receives a copy of all personal leave days in order to keep track of those permitted and those denied.
4.      Each month, the treasurer’s report is given to the membership after review by the executive board.
5.      Cash disbursement records are kept by the treasurer.
6.      The president takes on the responsibility of appointing a chairperson for various committees.
IV.           DUES
1.      Union dues are paid as defined by AFT/AFT-Wisconsin Constitution.
2.      Dues are increased automatically as AFT/AFT-Wisconsin increase their dues unless the Executive Board votes not to do so.
3.      To non-members who pay “fair share,” some costs are non-chargeable. Therefore, non-members pay a certain percentage of what members pay for AFT and AFT-Wisconsin and local dues. Those percentages may vary and also increase annually depending on how much is for non-chargeable items.
4.      Local dues are decided by vote of the membership.
V.               CONTRACT – Procedures and Interpretation
1.      A ratification-of-contract procedure is as follows: a) There shall not be less than a three day notice for the informational meeting with the WFT representative and the negotiation team. b) The Executive Board will meet with the team prior to the membership meeting at which the Executive Board will or will not recommend the package to the membership. 
1.      Delegates to the state convention are selected by the procedure stated in the MTU constitution. Expenses for those delegates are set each year in September with the delegates receiving the remuneration after the convention ($500).
2.      If any delegates are sent to the AFT national convention, their expenses are set in the spring before the end of the school year.
1.      The Union maintains a close working relationship with the Fox Valley Labor Council and may appoint representatives to attend meetings.
1.      Retirees - Retirees are presented with an inscribed brass bell.
2.      Illness - Hospitalizations and illnesses are handled by the individual buildings.
3.      Deaths - In case of a death in the immediate family, a memorial is sent after the treasurer is notified.
IX.           OTHER
1.      An ongoing effort is made to maintain and update the Menasha Teachers Union website by the Union communications chair.
2.      The Union receives legal representation from Hawks Quindel S.C.
3.      Free consultations are available to members from Hawks Quindel S.C. through AFT-Wisconsin.
4.      For union business, per diem expenses are paid at $100 per day. Travel by auto is reimbursed at the current IRS rate. Travel must be authorized by the president.
5.      Three $500 scholarships are available each year for Menasha High School graduating seniors. A fourth $500 scholarship is available to any graduating senior who is a dependent of a current member of the Menasha Teachers Union or an MTU retiree with at least 15 years of service to the district. Scholarship criteria and forms are located on the MTU website. All MTU scholarship winners are decided upon by the MTU scholarship committee exclusively.
6.      A Member-of-the-Year may be chosen. Nominations may be made by any Union member by the end of the March General Membership Meeting and voted on by the Executive Board at the April Executive Board Meeting. The award recipient must be a Union member and will receive a $50 gift certificate. The president will also recognize the prior union member of the year during their welcoming comments at the teacher in-service.
7.      The MTU encourages participation in the United Way.

LOCAL NO. 1166
Effective Date: Jan. 2 2011
ARTICLE I.              NAME
Sec. 1.             This organization shall be known as the Menasha Teachers’ Union, Local No. 1166 of the American Federation of Teachers.
ARTICLE II.                        PURPOSES
            Sec. 1.             To improve the standard of teaching in the public schools.
Sec. 2.             To protect and promote the professional and economic interests of the public school teachers.
Sec. 3.             To strive for improvement of the public schools by:
A.    promoting active participation of teachers in the formulation of
educational policy.
B.     working for fundamental improvement of teaching and
C.     securing equality of opportunity and fair treatment for all as advanced by the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Sec. 4.             To promote democracy in the schools in order to equip students to take their places in the industrial, social, and political life of the community.
Sec. 5.             To cooperate with other workers in bettering community living.
Sec. 1.             All personnel covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement shall be eligible to apply for membership.
Sec. 2.             Membership in this organization shall consist of all personnel who have properly fulfilled entrance requirements in accordance with current MTU policy as subjected to federal and state laws.
Sec. 3.             Any member wishing to resign from the MTU will submit a letter to the Union president.
Sec. 1.             The officers shall be President, Past-President, President-elect, Secretary and Treasurer.
Sec. 2.             There shall be five members elected at-large to serve as trustees.
Sec. 3.             The President-elect shall serve a three-year term progressing to President in year two, and Past-President in year three. Secretary and Treasurer are elected for terms of one year. All elected positions begin annually on the first day of May.
Sec. 4.             Trustees shall be elected to serve terms of two years. Two trustees shall be elected during even numbered years, and three shall be elected during odd numbered years. A trusteeship shall be considered vacant when that trustee is elected to an office, leaves the bargaining unit, or resigns the position.
Sec. 5.             The duties of the Past-President shall be:
                                    - to serve as consultant to the Executive Board.
                                    - to serve as advisor to the president.
                        - to serve as ex-officio member of committees at the president’s request.
- to perform the duties of the president in the absence of that officer.
            Sec. 6.             The duties of the President shall be:
                                                - to preside at the meetings of the local.
                                                - to serve as chairperson of the Executive Board.
                                                - to serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.
                                                - to sign all necessary papers and documents.
                                                - to represent the local wherever and whenever necessary.
                                                - to appoint and remove chairpersons of all standing committees.
- to appoint a trustee to fill the vacancy on the Board of Trustees. The appointment shall run for the remainder of the term of vacancy.
- to carry out the constitution and by-laws.
- to co-issue, with the treasurer, all checks.
            Sec. 7.             The duties of the President-Elect shall be:
- to act as liaison between the president, the building representatives
 and Union members.
- to supervise internal organizing activities.
- to co-issue checks that are authorized to be drawn upon the treasury with the treasurer as delegated by the president.
- to perform other tasks that the president may delegate.
Sec. 8.             The duties of the Secretary shall be:
- to record the minutes of the meetings of the local and Executive Board.
- to conduct all correspondence of the local as directed by the president.
- to provide a typed electronic version of the minutes to the Executive
Board within one calendar week of the meeting.
- to maintain and submit a print copy of all notes and minutes annually
to the president by the May Executive Board Meeting.
- to maintain the current documentation of the Constitution and By-Laws.
Sec. 9.             The duties of the Trustees shall be:
- to have charge of annual inventory of all physical property of the organization.
                                                - to serve as the nominating committee for the annual elections.
- to nominate candidates for office during the month of March each year.
- to prepare ballots for all member voting.
- to count final member ballots after voting.
Sec. 10.           The duties of the Treasurer shall be:
                                                - to receive all money for the local and to issue all receipts.
- to keep an up-to-date record of monthly cash flow and net worth and forward this information to the president.
- to forward all dues to the organizations with which the local is affiliated.
- to keep financial records in a manner satisfactory for submitting annually to a certified auditor.
- to co-issue with the president, past president, or president-elect all checks that are authorized to be drawn upon the treasury.
- to deposit all money in financial institutions in the name of this organization.
- to prepare a written report of the annual budget to be submitted to the Executive Board on or before December 1.
- to file appropriate tax returns.
- to update membership lists at the state and national levels.
Sec. 11            .           The duties of Insurance Committee Chair shall be:
- to assist the MTU with decisions and policies regarding health and dental insurance for its insured members.
- to attend regular insurance meetings.
- to attend MTU Executive and general membership meetings.
- to represent the interests of MTU insured members.
- to be a member of the MTU negotiations committee.
Sec. 12.           The duties of the Communications Chair shall be:
                                                - to maintain the MTU website.
- to communicate with members, press, AFT state and national, and executive board about current newsworthy events.
- to promote union meeting attendance and union activities.
Sec. 13.           The union teachers of each building shall elect a building representative. The duties of the building representative shall be:
                                    - to serve as coordinator of union activities within the building.
                                    - to recruit new members within the building.
                                    - to attend meetings of the Executive Board.
ARTICLE V.                        EXECUTIVE BOARD
Sec. 1.             The Executive Board shall consist of the officers and trustees.
Sec. 2.             The Executive Board shall meet monthly except during June, July, and August, at a time and place publicly announced and open to the membership of the local, who have the right to speak but not vote on issues before the Board.
Sec. 3.             Five members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.
Sec. 4.             The president of the local shall, at one’s own discretion or at the request of a majority of the Board members, call special meetings of the Executive Board.
Sec. 5.             The Executive Board shall make rules and by-laws governing the members of the local and conduct the business of the local. Such rules and by-laws shall not be in conflict with this constitution.
Sec. 6.             The Executive Board shall approve all payments and expenditures to be made from the treasury of the local.
Sec. 7.             The Executive Board shall supervise elections and decide disputes arising in elections.
Sec. 8.             The Executive Board shall conduct referenda in accordance with Article XII of this constitution.
Sec. 9.             The Executive Board shall have the power to suspend or expel members of the local in accordance with Article X of this constitution.
Sec.10.            If a member of this Executive Board shall be absent from three consecutive regular meetings of this Executive Board, his position shall be declared vacant and shall be filled in accordance with Article VI of this constitution.
Sec. 11.           Building representatives will be expected to attend Executive Board meetings in an advisory capacity.
Sec. 1.             The elections of officers and trustees of the local shall be held at the regular April meeting. The elected officers shall assume their duties on May 1st of that year.
Sec. 2.             Nominations by the trustees and nominations from the floor shall be presented at the regular March meeting.
Sec. 3.             Voting for all officers and trustees shall be by written ballot and a simple majority of the votes cast shall be required to elect officers. Trustees may be elected by a plurality.
Sec. 4.             When a vacancy occurs in any office, the president shall inform the Executive Board which, in turn, shall fill the vacancy by appointment for the remainder of the term of the vacancy.
Sec. 1.             This organization shall be affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, the Wisconsin Federation of Teachers, the AFL-CIO, and the Fox Valley Labor Council.
Sec. 1.             General meetings of this organization shall be held at least once each month except during June, July, and August, at a time and place to be publicly announced by the Executive Board.
Sec. 2.             Special meetings may be called by the president or by a majority vote at a regular meeting, or shall be called at the written request of twenty per cent of the membership of the local. Notice of a special meeting shall be given publicly at least one day in advance of the meeting. The agenda for a special meeting shall be expressed in the request of such a meeting and only items on the agenda may be discussed at such a meeting.
Sec. 3.             One-twentieth of the membership of the local, or one member from every school, shall constitute a quorum.
Sec. 4.             In the event that a quorum cannot be met, the vote of the Executive Board will settle all matters requiring a vote.
Sec. 5.             Only persons covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement of the local shall be admitted and have the right to speak at a meeting, except in the case of persons invited by the Executive Board prior to the meeting for the purpose of presenting a special item of business. Only members of the local shall have the right of franchise.
Sec. 6.             Meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. The rules may be suspended by a two-thirds majority of those present at a meeting.
Sec. 1.             Dues shall be regulated according to the by-laws of this organization.
ARTICLE X.                        SUSPENSIONS
Sec. 1.             Any person under consideration for suspension from the union shall be duly notified of such impending action.
Sec. 2.             The member shall have the right to appear before the Executive Board.
Sec. 3.             The Executive Board may, by a majority vote of its members, suspend for a term not to exceed one year, any member of this organization.
Sec. 4.             Any suspended member may appeal the suspension before the membership at a regular meeting provided that notice has been given to the president.
Sec. 5.             The membership must decide the disposition of any case that a suspended member chooses to bring before it.
Sec. 6.             After the expiration of one year, a person who has been suspended may be readmitted to membership by filling out the regular application form.
            Sec. 1.             The Executive Board shall designate the standing committees.        
Sec. 2.             The members of the standing committees shall serve two-year terms, with half of the membership being retained and half of the membership being newly selected each year.
Sec. 1.             Members of the Executive Board shall be subject to removal or recall from the Board and their offices or trusteeships by a two-thirds vote of the membership of the local for willful failure to work for an expressed objective of the local or for entering into unauthorized commitments in the name of the local.
Sec. 2.             The Executive Board shall, at the request of four of its voting members or at the request of one-tenth of the members of the local, submit any matter to a referendum vote.
Sec. 3.             Referendum proceedings must be instituted within two weeks after the mandate has been given.
Sec. 4.             A majority vote shall decide any issue put to referendum.
Sec. 1.             In case more members than the maximum number of delegates allowed wish to represent the local, the priority will be as follows:
                        A. President
                        B. Past-President
                        C. President-Elect
                        D. Secretary
                        E. Treasurer
                        F. Three from trustee group (draw if necessary)
                        G. Three from building representatives (draw if necessary)
                        H. Three chairpersons of standing committees (draw if necessary)
                        I. Select to maximum number of delegates by drawing from a pool of: a) persons not selected in priorities F, G, and H above,
            b) members of committees.
                        J. If delegate positions are still available, these are to be filled by drawing from a pool of other member applicants.
                        K. Alternates to be drawn from the above last pool.
Sec. 2.             Attendance at MTU General Monthly Meetings will be a consideration.
Sec. 1.             A proposed amendment to this constitution must be endorsed by a majority of the members of the Executive Board, or by one-tenth of the local and submitted in writing to the Executive Board.
Sec. 2.             The Executive Board must approve an amendment by a majority vote in a regular Board meeting before it may be put to a vote of the local.
Sec. 3.             An amendment to this constitution must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the members present at a regular meeting.
Sec. 4.             Upon adoption of any amendment/s by this organization, all revisions must be made promptly and the “effective date” found at the beginning of this document must be revised to the date of said revision/s.
Sec. 5.             All preceding versions of this constitution are considered void.
Sec. 1.             This Constitution shall become effective when it has been approved by a two-thirds vote of the membership present at a general membership meeting of the local.
Sec. 2.             This Constitution, and every part thereof, shall take precedence over any by-law, motion, resolution or any other act or measure adopted by any body or agent of this organization.
Sec. 3.             No part of this Constitution may be eliminated, suspended, revised, or
limited in force and effect, except by an amendment of this
Constitution being duly adopted.